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Titrette Bottletop Burette, 50mL
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Please be advised that the BrandTech Titrette® is a Bottle Top Burette for colorimetric titrations and does not function as a bottletop Dispenser

The Titrette® is the new generation of bottletop burette from BRAND. It has a number of innovative features and upgrades for more accurate and convenient titration.

Class A Precision The Titrette® bottletop burette has an innovative new measuring system which matches the Class A accuracy of glass burettes and, if needed, can offer the precision of 3 decimal places below 20mL. This is an important feature for users who need to work within the Class A error limits of glass burettes according to DIN EN ISO 385 or within volumetric tolerance per ASTM E287.

User Serviceable The Titrette® can be quickly and easily disassembled in a matter of minutes – for cleaning, to replace the piston/cylinder, or to replace the batteries. Maintenance is easy and convenient, without the need to send it out for repair.

Light Protection To protect light-sensitive media, the installed clear cylinder inspection windows can be easily replaced with the supplied clip-on amber-colored windows.

Low Profile All components move within the housing, reducing headroom requirements. The compact design and the light weight ensure good stability. The titrating tube can be adjusted horizontally and vertically.

Smooth, Low-Force Operation The large handwheels provide smooth, precise control from rapid to dropwise titration. An integrated SafetyPrime™ valve helps purge bubbles while minimizing splashing and wasting of valuable reagents.

Optional Computer Interface The Titrette® is available with a RS232 interface for direct transfer of data to a PC. The Titrette® is suitable for most commonly used titrants up to 1mol/L in concentration, such as potassium permanganate, silver nitrate, EDTA, sodium hydroxide and alcoholic potassium hydroxide.

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Model Name BrandTech Scientific 4760161
Price $1,092.00
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Manufacturer BrandTech Scientific
Manufacturer ID 4760161
Brand BrandTech Scientific
Pipette Volume Size 5 - 50mL