Preventative Maintenance Repairs Done on Every Pipette

Repair Services

Keeping your equipment in excellent condition is essential to delivering accurate lab work and research results. While regular calibrations are important, even correctly calibrated equipment won’t deliver the performance you require if it is broken or worn out.

At Transcat, we are passionate about pipette measurement accuracy and precision. However, calibrating a pipette that is worn out, damaged, improperly adjusted, or otherwise incapable of maintaining accurate measurements is not enough. That’s why we offer a wide range of pipette repair services from our Cambridge, MA laboratory.


Pipette Repair Services

Where others may overlook or mask these issues, Transcat tackles them head-on. Every pipette calibration with us is provided with a detailed assessment, inside and out. Following ‘As Found’ testing, pipettes are disassembled for a comprehensive preventative maintenance service. During this process, pipette components are evaluated for integrity and function, and repaired or replaced when found worn, weakened or damaged.

Our Repair Expertise

With a wealth of pipette repair experience spanning 3 decades, our staff maintains a 100% on-time service turnaround rating, including the 90% of pipettes we’ve repaired during the regular service. A rare delay may be caused if the instrument must be sent to the OEM for repair–something we handle on behalf of all our customers. This level of expertise not only ensures pipette accuracy through to the next service cycle, it is generally completed without delay, which minimizes downtime for our clients. That is one-way Transcat differs from our competitors.

We go the extra mile when performing any pipette replacement or repair service. We know the value of accurate measuring equipment, but we also know the value of a dollar. With our expert pipette repairs, we save you the expense of replacing these important tools, without compromising performance. Our standard is simple: when we complete calibration, our goal is to return your pipettes both looking and performing “like new.”

With free shipping and the fastest turnarounds times in our industry, there’s no better partner for all pipette repair services, both in Massachusetts and beyond.


Free Repairs and Further Savings with Cost-Effective Replacement Parts

Our trained technicians repair thousands of malfunctioning pipettes every year, most often within our guaranteed 24-hour turnaround time. However, did you know that almost all repair services at Transcat are provided free? Only a few complex repair services and all necessary replacement parts are extra. Therefore, when a pipette is repaired by our technician and no parts are required, there is typically no additional cost. Transcat repair services are designed to minimize service times as well as cost, and the usual headaches caused by malfunctioning pipettes. If a pipette requires a more extensive repair service, it’s still free, but the other pipettes from the batch are returned on schedule. Once a pipette is repaired and calibrated, it is then returned.

To eliminate most service delays, we maintain a stock inventory of more than 1,000 different replacement parts for almost every pipette category. More than 95% of these parts are manufacturer’s OEM parts. Our non-OEM parts go through a complete rigorous validation performance. Repair Services


Warranty Pipette Repairs

We will assist with your pipette warranty. If your pipette requires repair, and you let us know it meets the manufacturer’s warranty criteria, we will send it out to the manufacturer for warranty repair. In fact, Transcat is an authorized service center for a leading premium pipette brand in the U.S. For pipettes with a Transcat calibration label on them, we will, of course, provide repair under our own industry-leading 12-month calibration warranty policy.

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