BRANDTECH UV-Cuvette UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Cuvettes

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UV-transparent disposable cuvettes from BRAND replace expensive, fragile quartz cuvettes and are excellent for DNA, RNA, and protein analysis between 220-900nm. Resistant to many aggressive solvents, they eliminate the tedious maintenance, cleaning, and contamination of quartz cuvettes.

Use the semi-micro size UV-Cuvettes for sample volumes between 1.5mL and 3.0mL, and the macro UV-Cuvettes for samples larger than 2.5mL. Ultra-micro sized UV-Cuvettes may be used with sample volumes as small as 70µL. Ultra-micro UV-Cuvettes are available with either 8.5mm and 15mm window heights to match the two standard beam heights of most spectrophotometers

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NameBRANDTECH UV-Cuvette UV-Transparent Spectrophotometry Cuvettes
ManufacturerBrandTech Scientific
Manufacturer ID759150