BrandTech Scientific BRAND ULR 50 - 1000uL Filtered Pipette Tips, Sterile, Graduated, TipBox, 960/pk

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BrandTech Ultra Low Retention Tip, 50-1000uL, Filtered, Sterile, Racked, cs/1000

Filter Tip-Box S-100, 50-1000uL, 10 polypropylene tip boxes filled with 100 tips each, BIO-CERT sterile, 1000 tips

BRAND Ultra Low Retention tips feature a patented surface treatment to make the polypropylene of the pipette tips extremely liquid repellent thus reducing costly sample loss during pipetting.

  • Ultra-hydrophobic tips are ideal for biological samples that contain detergents such as Triton® X-100, SDS, Tween etc.
  • Special patented process does not use coatings that might lead to sample contamination
  • Highly homogeneous surface is free of defect sites, preventing non-specific binding
  • High chemical resistance is ideal for working with solvents
  • Autoclavable

A Persistent Problem Limited volume samples, costly enzymes and reagents, and foaming liquids all need to be pipetted with high precision. However, close inspection of conventional pipette tips reveal that fluid droplets or a thin film of liquid remains in the pipette tip after dispensing. Significant factors leading to these residues are the different surface energy components and molecular composition of the pipette tips and the sample being pipetted. A Slick Solution The new, ultra-hydrophobic BRAND pipette tips and filtered pipette tips solve the problem. The surfaces of the Ultra Low Retention tips are produced through a special, patented physiochemical process. The homogeneous, defect-free surface produced has extremely low surface tension. This significantly reduces sample loss and provides substantially higher reproducibility when working with critical media. The Dirty Secret of Detergents In biological applications, such as PCR, PAGE or many other areas of protein chemistry, the samplemust often be treated with detergent. An exact appraisal of the behavior of polypropylene surfacesin these applications is complicated. Detergents significantly decrease the surface tension ofliquids, which hinders the optimal dispensing of the liquid from the pipette tip and diminishes pipetteperformance

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NameBrandTech Scientific BRAND ULR 50 - 1000uL Filtered Pipette Tips, Sterile, Graduated, TipBox, 960/pk
ManufacturerBrandTech Scientific
Manufacturer ID732834
BrandBrandTech Scientific
Low - RetentionYes
Pipette Tip TypeFiltered
Pipette Tip Volumes50 - 1000 uL
Pipette Tip PackagingStack - Rack