Labcon Tip 10UL, UNIVERSAL, Filtered, XL, Sterile, Rack 96, pk/960

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ZAP 10µL Extra Long Aerosol Filter Pipet Tips, in Racks, Sterile

  • ZAP™ Aerosol Filter
  • Extra Length
  • Fits Most Popular 10 uL Pipettors
  • Sterile
  • Patented robotically inserted endotoxin free filter
  • Protease, Human DNA, ATP, RNase/DNase and Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic)
  • Polypropylene USP Class VI resin
  • Validated Sterilization (ISO 11137) for use in Research and Medical labs
  • Refillable autoclavable racks
  • 96 tips/rack; 10 racks/pack; 10 packs/case
  • 47.6 mm H.
  • Made in USA

ZAP™ Aerosol filter Pipet Tips from Labcon set a higher standard for your lab than ordinary filter pipet tips. These aerosol tips provide you with complete protection from sample carry-over. Incorporating a robotically inserted 10 µm filter with a sponge-like porous pathway. ZAP™ tips have such a small pore they even block fluids in the unlikely event that you should over pipet. ZAP™ Aerosol Filter Pipet Tips have been proven in independent studies to block aerosol contamination but unlike some leading brands of self sealing aerosol resistent pipet tips they have no cellulose gum, toluene solvent, or colored dyes in the filter to mix with and contaminate your sample. Also, unlike self sealing aerosol tips ZAP™ tips can be autoclaved in a steam autoclave. And they will not wick fluids like cellulose filled aerosol resistent tips so you don't have to worry about how you hold your pipettor. Our ZAP™ tips in sterile racks, like all our other products, have received valid sterilization processing compliant with ISO 11137. So unlike "pre-sterilized" or "irradiated" pipet tips Labcon ZAP™ Aerosol Tips are sterile and are not limited to Research Use Only.

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NameLabcon Tip 10UL, UNIVERSAL, Filtered, XL, Sterile, Rack 96, pk/960
Manufacturer ID1191-965-008