Labcon Slik 300uL Low-Retention Filter tips, Sterile, 960/pack

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Labcon ZAP™Slik 300µL Low-Retention Filtered tips, Sterile, Pack of 960 (10 racks of 96)

ZAP™ Slik Aerosol filter Pipet Tips from Labcon combine the higher standard of ZAP™ filters with the unique SuperSlik™ low retention pipet tips. These aerosol tips provide you with complete protection from sample carry. Incorporating a robotically inserted 10 µm filter with a sponge-like porous pathway ZAP™ Slik tips have such a small pore they even block fluids in the unlikely event that you should over-pipet. The SuperSlik®; polypropylene increases the hydrophobicity of tips surfaces so they have up to 10 times less fluid retention. Manufactured from clear 100% polypropylene. Tips and racks are autoclavable at 122°C. These tips are designed to fit most 1000µL pipette models.

Equivalent to former VWR catalog# 89174-528

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NameLabcon Slik 300uL Low-Retention Filter tips, Sterile, 960/pack
Manufacturer ID1178-965-008
Pipette Tip Volumes5 - 300 uL