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Thermo Fisher Scientific-Finnpipette

Thermo Fisher Scientific-Finnpipette

When you need pipetting systems for a range of applications, trust for Thermo Fisher Scientific pipettes. Thermo Fisher offers pipettes proven to enhance accuracy and precision when used in a number of applications. Thermo Fisher is known for its deep experience in creating products that perform and innovate to achieve the utmost in consistent and replicable results. When you browse our selection of Thermo Fisher Scientific pipettes, you’ll find:

  • Single Channel Pipettes: These pipettes are lightweight and ergonomic solutions that ensure you receive the reproducible and consistent results you need.
  • Multichannel Pipettes: These lightweight and robust pipettes use a variety of excellent quality tips, and allow for dispensing into 96 and 384 well plates.

At, we offer a price match guarantee, which ensures the Thermo Fisher products you purchase through us deliver the utmost in value.

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