BrandTech 781602

plates transparent F bottom, 96 well,100/PK
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BRANDplates, 96 well, pureGrade, Non-Sterile, Transparent, F-bottom, 20 stacks of 5 plates, pack of 100

NEW! pureGrade™ BRANDplates feature untreated surfaces for use in a variety of laboratory tasks, such as homogeneous assays, screening and storage.

Sterile Applications

For sterile applications, such as bacteriological assays, pureGrade™ S plates are sterilized by ß-radiation to ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines for a SAL of 10-6, meeting the requirements of Ph. Eur. and the USP 29. Plates are DNA, DNase, RNase free, as well as meeting cytotoxic substance levels per DIN EN ISO 10993. Endotoxins are <0.01 EU/mL. All sterile plates are packaged individually wrapped.

Comprehensive Line

96-well format plates are available in U-bottom, V-bottom, F-bottom and C-bottom well shapes, in transparent, white, black, and transparent bottom versions. 384-well plates are available in both standard and low-volume varieties in transparent, white, black and transparent bottom (standard volume only for transparent bottom), as well as a proprietary UV-transparent version offering enhanced chemical resistance. 1536-well plates are available in transparent, white or black.

Easy Identification

White and black pureGrade™ and pureGrade™ S plates feature grey embossed alphanumeric codes for easy well identification, in addition to the identification of the pureGrade™ surface.

Easy Selection

Find the right BRANDplates multiwell plate either by physical characteristics or application with the interactive BRANDplates selection guide.

Bar Codes

Bar coded plates are available upon request in quantities as small as 5000 plates for pureGrade™ untreated plates, or as few as 1000 for plates with surface treatments. They are printed with a two-color process - white base with black barcode for enhanced legibility. For more information about bar codes, contact BrandTech.


  • Packaging for single-color pureGrade™ plates is 20 stacks of 5 plates each (100 plates). Each stack contains one lid.
  • Transparent bottom pureGrade™ plates are packed as 4 bags of 25 plates each (100 plates),
  • All pureGrade™ S plates are individually wrapped with lid.


  • Single color standard volume pureGrade™ plates are packed in 5 bags of 10 plates each (50 plates). Each stack contains one lid.
  • Low-volume and transparent bottom plates are packed 2 bags of 25 plates each (50 plates).
  • All pureGrade™ S plates are individually wrapped with lid.


  • All pureGrade™ plates are packed as five stacks of 10 plates (50 plates). Each stack contains one lid.
  • All pureGrade™ S plates are individually wrapped with lid.
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