Make Sure Your Pipette is Calibrated Right Out of the Box

Calibrating Your New Pipettes Before Use in the Lab

Get Your New Pipette Purchase Calibrated

Transcat offers calibration on your new pipette purchases before they ship to you. This will ensure that your pipettes are calibrated and ready to use. Most pipettes will be calibrated within 24 hours after purchase and prior to shipment.


Why Calibrate Your New Purchase?

  1. Easily Fulfill a Requirement - Many laboratories are required to install new assets by certifying performance before use. An independent calibration, completed within 30 days prior to laboratory use, provides a service “start date”, and a performance document useful in an audit. In addition, initial calibrations will provide important information when conducting OOT investigations. Most manufacturers provide a basic certificate of performance inside the box generated at the time of manufacture that is often out of date. Taking advantage of Transcat Stock Calibration provides comprehensive data at the time of purchase.
  2. Efficient Use of Time and Cost - Transcat will provide an ISO 17025 Accredited calibration along with the purchase of your new instrument in one transaction from single quote. Pay for your new instrument, and its first calibration with one purchase order. This eliminates the need to send your new pipettes out to calibration prior to use, saving vital time; and reduces the paperwork from multiple purchase orders and invoices.
  3. Begin the Asset Lifecycle. As your partner in the maintenance of your instrumentation, Transcat will enter your new instrument into the Echo Pipette Management Software as an active instrument for your company. We’ll assign it to a maintenance plan according to your directions, and automatically remind you when it’s time for the next calibration.


Essentially, calibrating your new pipette purchase reduces the risk of any potential pipetting errors prior to beginning to use your new pipette. If there is any uncertainty of the calibration of your new pipette, you could be introducing unknown errors into your measurements. This could compromise safety, non-compliance, and waste of money and time to name a few. Knowing you are using a properly calibrated pipette gives you peace of mind knowing your measurements are accurate.

Meet Pipetting Quality Standards calibrations are ISO17025 accredited and ISO8655 compliant. We adhere to both standards throughout our calibration process. We offer a number of calibration service levels to meet the various needs of our customers.


In Summary: Benefits of Purchasing a New Pipette Calibration

Calibrating your pipette during its purchase offers the following benefits:

  • No need to send newly purchased pipettes out for calibration
  • Reduced shipping costs sending new pipettes to a calibration provider
  • Saving shipping, inducting, and paying another company to calibrate your new instrument
  • All your pipettes are loaded in Echo, our online calibration portal

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