Doing Our Part for the Environment

Green Business Practices

As has grown and expanded, we’ve paid more and more attention to the details of what we do and how we operate. That’s why, in recent years, we have taken great steps to operate a more environmentally sustainable enterprise, and to minimize both our carbon footprint and our overall impact on the environment.


But before we even get into the specific steps we’ve taken, it’s worth pointing out that, our basic mode of operation – a central calibration lab to which pipettes are shipped – is far more sustainable, burns far less fossil fuel, and generates far less COthan the energy-intensive process of driving heavy calibration equipment to one location after another after another. (And that’s not even considering the benefits of our more accurate, ISO 8655 compliant pipette calibration is to your science.)



Steps has taken to operate more sustainably:




  • Our easily recognizable ‘blue’ service packs are secure and convenient and reusable – savings tons of cardboard and trees over the years.
  • We’ve installed automatic lighting sensors and shut-off switches along with energy-thrifty illumination and computer screens throughout our facility – this saves on energy and greatly reduced our contributions to landfills.
  • We switched to hybrid vehicles that use less fuel – saving an estimated 1500 gallons of gasoline since 2007, with no loss in service or responsiveness for our Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based courier service.
  • We found ways to use less paper, including:
    • Issuing electronic certificates instead of printing them on paper – our e-certificates are easier to manage, searchable, and require less physical storage space.
    • Sending electronic reminders and invoices instead of mailing them on paper – these are searchable, easily duplicated and distributed, and are far more sustainable.
    • Providing reps with the capability for electronic file retrieval through smartphones – faster service, searchable, far less use of paper
    • Working with customers and suppliers to increase the use of EFT payments – faster, more secure, far less use of paper
    • Instituting a massive recycling program for paper and corrugated boxes – reduces contributions to landfill, saves on use of energy and raw materials.
  • We’ve also instituted facility-wide bottle and can recycling and participate in cell phone and computer recycling programs

Can your current pipette calibration service provider say as much about sustainable operations?


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