Pipettes.com Technician Training Program

Staff Training

At Transcat, our pipette calibration training program is another way ensure that we provide the most accurate and reliable pipette calibrations.

Our staff training – a comprehensive and lengthy process that is strictly documented – includes not just calibration skills, but detailed preventative maintenance and extensive repair work.

With ISO 8655 and ASTM E1154 standards as our guide, our calibration training program is methodical, meticulous and detailed, emphasizing the control and competency levels required to reach completion.


Depending on their initial skill set and experience, our typical trainee takes from 3 to 6 months to gain enough competency to attempt any work on our clients’ pipettes. Upon completion of this initial training, individuals are selected for additional training in specialized procedures, as well as for OEM training. All our staff training is thoroughly documented, per our SOPs and relevant industry standards.


Our Calibration Training Program includes:

  • 3-6 months initial training (comprehensive and fully documented)
  • Annual retraining program (comprehensive and fully documented)
  • Annual reviews of standard operating procedures, in detail
  • Annual proficiency testing
  • Annual R&R gauge testing
  • Annual inter-laboratory comparison testing for all our staff, to assess our measurement results against those from an equivalent calibration laboratory


Only staff members who successfully complete our calibration training programs are authorized to calibrate our clients’ pipette equipment. This is part of our commitment to excellence and to providing our clients with only the highest quality calibration services.

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