Exacting Quality Standards to Meet Your Needs

Quality System

At Transcat, we are committed to customer satisfaction, competitive pricing, and consistently delivering greater value for our customers. These commitments begin with our strict adherence to the pipette calibration industry’s highest standards for measurement accuracy, precision and reliability: ISO 8655 and ASTM E1154.

To meet and exceed these standards, Transcat has developed and maintains stringent quality systems and standard operating procedures. Together, these programs help us achieve continuous improvement and the highest possible quality assurance.


Transcat Policy Statement on Calibration Quality

The fundamental objectives of our management systems, and the basic operating principles that make Transcat different from and better than other calibration service providers, include:

  • Our constant efforts to achieve the highest possible quality and accuracy in our work
  • Our striving for continuous improvement every one of our processes.

Every Transcat Pipettes employee is responsible for performing to the standards we’ve set and for operating within our overall quality systems.

Since we first opened our doors in 1989, our management team understands and pursues our unyielding commitment to performing standardized measurements with the professional integrity so necessary to our industry. That is why we will never relinquish our compliance with the requirements of ISO 8655 and ASTM E1154, both of which detail the requirements for accurate, reliable pipette calibration. To us, anything else is substandard and risky. We verify this compliance in our accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005.



Among our innovative approaches to maintaining the industry’s highest quality pipette calibration service levels are:

  • Our annual self-auditing process that measures the accuracy and compliance of our quality systems and our calibration procedures
  • Our annual proficiency testing that documents our team’s technical competence, while comparing our calibration lab’s measurement performance against other full-service laboratories
  • Our annual management review process that allows us to grade our effectiveness at meeting our accuracy goals, while identifying opportunities to improve wherever possible
  • Even with our current level of performance and quality, however, we strive to do more



For all these reasons, we are convinced once you compare our capabilities and procedures against those of our competitors, no other pipette calibration vendor can match:

  • Our commitment to Metrology-driven pipette calibration and our unique compliance to the pipette-critical ISO 8655 standard
  • Our calibration measurement accuracy and low measurement uncertainties
  • Our pipette calibration integrity, reliability and consistency
  • Our commitment to improving on all the factors – not just calibration, but also service, repair, user training, and management – evidenced by our breakthrough Echo™ asset management solution

For more information on our Quality System or our services, please contact us at 1-800-242-6022 or email us at pipettesinfo@transcat.com.

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