Before You Send Your Pipettes

Decontamination Requirements

Decontamination of your instruments is a requirement requires that all instruments sent in for calibration are surface cleaned with an appropriate chemical disinfectant or sterilant. Instruments used with BL2 (or greater) Biohazards and Radioactive material also require internal decontamination. Please refer to your organization’s own decontamination guidelines and your instrument’s user manuals for detailed instructions as disassembly may be required. Additionally, any bottle-top dispensers should be thoroughly flushed with water to dilute and remove any trace materials. Examples of commonly used chemical disinfectants are 70% EtOH and 10% Bleach solution. It is the responsibility of the sender to remove all substances such as bacteriological, virological, chemical or radioactive contaminants before submitting pipettes for calibration. Choose the appropriate method of decontamination based upon the substances used with the instrument. Chemical compatibility of your instruments should be checked prior to performing any cleaning, please refer to the manufacturer’s manual for model specific cleaning requirements.

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