Calibration Service Types

Calibration Services
Built Around You offers multiple levels of calibration for single channel pipettes and multichannel pipettes as well as a separate validation service for motorized pipette controllers.


Calibration Service Levels offers multiple levels of calibration for single channel pipettes and multichannel pipettes.
Read More.

Repair Services

Keeping your equipment in excellent condition is essential to delivering accurate lab work and research results. Read More.

Pipette Repair, Refurbishing, Replacement Process

We put every pipette through a detailed assessment and refurbishing procedure. Read More.


Pipette Tip Evaluation Service

We evaluate the accuracy of each of your pipettes with the OEM tips they are meant for. Read More.

Training Services

We offer clients much more than a standards-based instrument calibration. Read More.

Management Services

We understand how important it is to ensure all delicate equipment is properly maintained. Read More.


On-Site Management Services

When you choose's on-site calibration management, you get the valuable features and benefits of a fully managed program, including:

  • Availability of comprehensive pipette training and demonstration sessions for your lab
  • Demonstrations and consultations for users to help them maximize their pipetting performance
  • Reducing OOT costs by participating in the relevant investigative/impact processes and more



Training Options

After 1-on-1 personal instruction most pipette users see an immediate improvement in measurement performance based on a comparison of before and after measurement data with our training program. offers a uniquely innovative and comprehensive selection of Pipette Performance Training.


Calibration Service Reminders

With, you will get electronic notifications as your pipettes come due for re-calibration. Read More.

Management Reports

You will find our pipette management reports useful in gauging your organization’s effectiveness in maintaining pipette performance. Read More.


There are many different pipette brands and models with varying calibration needs to manage. To ease this burden, we offer a comprehensive consulting program.

Pipette Service Logistics & Tracking

We provide a comprehensive logistics support program for clients located both inside and outside our local courier service area. Read More.