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Certified Pipette Calibration Services in Texas

A lab is only as good as its technicians and equipment. In order to be effective, it’s important to keep your equipment regularly calibrated and your staff properly trained. For pipette calibration services in Texas, look no further than Transcat. Regardless of whether your lab is based in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, or anywhere in between, we can provide you with the pipette services and training you need.


We offer 24-Hour Turnaround for Labs in Texas

  • Our 24 Hour Service Turnaround—  We complete pipette calibrations 24 hours after receiving them.  We’ll ship them immediately after completion.  We service every make and model.  By prescheduling with us, every calibration can be back to you in as little as 3 DAYS.
  • Premium Protective Packaging— Your essential instruments are protected and insured for transit.
  • A Simple Process— Call to schedule, open the box, read instructions, send us the instruments!
  • More from an Unbiased Provider— Transcat, is a calibration company, not a manufacturer.  We recommend the best name-brand pipettes and lab tools without bias.


Pipette Calibration Services in Texas

A pipette is a tool that is used for endeavors that demand total accuracy. If your pipette is not calibrated correctly, then it cannot possibly give you the right measurement. When you need your pipettes calibrated quickly and correctly, the Transcat team can help. We are fully accredited for ISO 17025, 8655 ANSI Z540, and ASTM E115 as well as compliant with ISO 8655 and ASTM E115 standards. We also have hands-on experience working with top pipette brands, including (but not limited to) Eppendorf, Rainin, Gilson, Labsystems, and Oxford Pipettes. All at exceptional pipette calibration prices.


Lab Equipment Repair Services in Texas

Pipettes undergo a great deal of stress during routine use. This stress will ultimately result in wear or damage. No matter how small the damage, complete pipette repair is necessary as calibration simply won’t work on a pipette that is in poor condition. After thoroughly evaluating the condition of your damaged or worn pipettes, we will repair them to bring them back to full functionality. Most repair services are completed free of charge if no replacement parts are required.


Pipette Inventory Management Services in Texas

Your lab has multiple pipettes for different functions. While this is necessary, it can make it difficult to effectively manage them all. Improper pipette management can lead to loss, damage, and mix-ups. We will make avoiding these types of problems easy with our pipette inventory management services. Transcat assigns a dedicated specialist to audit your current pipette inventory management system and adjust it in a way that makes managing them much easier. We will also help you organize the most effective scheduling for future pipette maintenance and calibrations.


Pipette Usage Training Services in Texas

Although a perfectly calibrated pipette in good condition can make extremely accurate measurements, a single user error can throw everything off in seconds. It is very easy to make a user error without the proper training, which is why many inaccurate measurements are caused by human mistakes. The best way to minimize the likelihood of costly pipette user error is with proper training. Our pipette training program has been refined over the years to deliver the fastest, most effective pipette training possible. Your team can undergo our training program on-site or online from the comfort of your own laboratories.


Contact Us For Your Complete Laboratory Equipment Service Package

Making sure that your pipettes are 100% accurate and ready to be used at any moment is critical for your ability to maintain a highly productive laboratory. We can make it easy with our team of equipment experts providing you with the best pipette calibration services in Texas. Regardless of what type of pipette services you need, feel free to contact us to get started.

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