Calibration Service Levels

Transcat offers multiple levels of calibration for single channel pipettes and multichannel pipettes, as well as a separate validation service for motorized pipette controllers. These calibration levels fall under two categories: Non-Accredited Services and ISO 17025 Accredited Services.


ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services

Accredited laboratories such as hospital labs, GLP/GMP pharmaceutical and biotechnology labs, and ISO accredited labs, are often required by governing bodies to follow stricter quality standards for their pipette calibration programs. This can mean meticulous reporting requirements and the potential for more frequent audits, which can be tedious and time-consuming for in-house laboratory compliance professionals.

To ease this burden, Transcat offers a pipette calibration service option with comprehensive reporting and ISO 17025 accredited calibration service as an ideal solution. This Accredited Calibration Service prepares each customer’s pipette program to pass quality control audits and protects them against product failures. With three levels available within the Accredited Calibration Services – Standard, Enhanced, and Premium – compliant customers can choose the pipette calibration program applicable to their needs.

With the variety of compliance levels available for pipette calibration, it’s imperative that accredited laboratories seeking to remain compliant are well informed. Our highly trained experts dedicate time to fully educate each customer and train them on ways to keep their pipette programs ISO 17025 compliant.

ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration ServicesISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Services



Non-Accredited Calibration Services

Many non-compliant research laboratories, such as academic laboratories or emerging laboratories, require their liquid-handling pipettes to be calibrated to maintain accuracy. However, they are not required to meet strict quality standards set by governing bodies that can drive up the cost of calibration.

To accommodate these needs, Transcat offers a Non-Accredited Calibration Service. These services include preventative pipette maintenance but do not involve unneeded data reporting or ISO compliant calibrations. Should non-compliant customers have a future interest in converting to a regulated laboratory, our team of technical experts are here to support or provide guidance on their pipette servicing program moving forward.

Regardless of the service level chosen, all customers receive the same high-quality service and attention from our experts to ensure accurate, reliable calibration services.

Non-Accredited Calibration ServicesNon-Accredited Calibration Services

ISO 17025 Accredited Service





Utilized by many hospital labs, clinical labs to meet their requirements from CLIA and/or CAPP

Utilized by many GLP/GMP Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Laboratories under FDA Audit

Utilized by many ISO Accredited Laboratories and Quality Control Laboratories.  Meets all ISO:8655 Requirements

Batch certificate of calibration for all pipettes

Preventative maintenance provided on each pipette

Calibration label affixed to each pipette

Detailed certificate of calibration for each pipette

As Found data report for each pipette

As Left data report for each pipette

ISO 8655 compliant calibration

ISO 17025 calibration accredited by ANAB

Number of As Found readings reported




Number of As Left readings reported




Pipette Controller Performance Validation Service

Transcat also offers performance validation service for motorized pipette controllers (i.e. Pipet aid®-type fillers and serological pipet controllers).

Pipette Controller Validation (PCV) Service includes:

  • Performance assessment
  • Parts evaluation
  • Cleaning and filter replacement
  • Batch certificate of performance and service validation label

Since these devices serve only to aspirate and dispense, but not measure, no measurement data is reported.

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