Track Your Pipettes with Custom Management Reports

Management Reports

Our continuously up-to-date service reports will aid you in evaluating your pipette performance and usage, as well as help you identify service trends, track your pipette-related costs, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement. You will find them useful in gauging your organization’s effectiveness in maintaining pipette performance including:

  • individual user performance levels
  • pipette out of tolerance (OOT) rates
  • individual and overall pipette reliability
  • necessary service frequencies
  • pipette performance trends management reports can be valuable during audits, and to lab managers, helping identify measurement performance issues and suggesting corrective measures via our comprehensive pipette training options.




Pipette Fail Rates Tell Important Stories

As part of our calibration process, our Management Reports detail your pipette’s fail rates. This information lets you more accurately assess the suitability of your pipette calibration frequencies, as well as your testing tolerances. The information can even suggest whether or not a given type of pipette is right for your application, and help you assess the need for and implement any program changes that can reduce pipette errors and calibration out of tolerance results (OOTs).


We detail your pipette fail rates:

  • During a set period [a calendar year or quarter, for example]
  • By department, within your organization
  • By the service interval established for each pipette


We track and report on your pipette assets:

  • By department or user
  • By model
  • By status [ ‘In Service’ or ‘Removed from Service,’ for example]
  • By calibration interval


We also track and report on your pipette assets’ service history, including the calibration data from individual pipettes during past calibration services.

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