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North Carolina Pipette Calibration Services

At Transcat, we deliver metrology-driven pipette calibration, repair, training, and management services to laboratories in the life sciences industries within North Carolina. With flexible service and scheduling options, our team can ensure your pipettes are calibrated to your necessary specifications to maintain your lab’s accuracy and efficiency.


Certified Pipette Calibration Services in North Carolina

Our Pre-Scheduled 24-Hour Service Turnaround: When pre-scheduled with our team, we complete pipette calibrations 24 hours after receiving them. We service every make and model and will ship them immediately after completion. By prescheduling with us, every calibration can be back to you in as little as 3 DAYS.

Premium Protective Packaging: Your essential instruments are protected and insured for transit.

A Simple Process: Call to schedule, open the box, read instructions, send us the instruments!

More from an Unbiased Provider: Transcat is a calibration company, not a manufacturer. We recommend the best name-brand pipettes and lab tools without bias.


Pipette Calibration Services in North Carolina

Maintaining confidence in your pipette accuracy relies on the expertise of your pipette calibration service. Quality accredited calibration services help mitigate your risk and ensure your lab’s long-term success. At Transcat, we are a trusted, single-source provider of accredited pipette calibration services and high-quality pipette supplies to the life sciences industries. Minimize audit anxiety with a calibration service specific to your needs; our flexible service model offers accredited and non-accredited services, available on-site, in-lab, or a combination of the two.


Lab Equipment Repair Services in North Carolina

Maintaining accuracy with your pipette instruments often relies on more than regular calibrations; the efficacy of your pipettes depends heavily on the condition of the instruments themselves. If your pipettes are worn, weakened, or damaged, our team is here to offer pipette repair services. We support your effort to reduce cost without compromising performance with our decades of experience and a 100% on-time service turnaround rating.


Pipette Usage Training Services in North Carolina

Achieving success with the use of your pipettes relies on the expertise of the technician as much as the accuracy of the instrument. To help your team reduce errors and improve accuracy, the Transcat team offers on-site pipette performance training. Protect your investment and improve your effectiveness by working with our pipette training services today.


Pipette Inventory Management Services Throughout North Carolina

Let’s face it…no laboratory can risk running short of their critical pipette products, particularly when disruptions to the global supply chain continue to create unprecedented challenges to labs like yours. Our team is here to support you: with standing Blanket Order options, inventory management systems, and other options to ease your burdens, Transcat can bring you peace-of-mind by helping you get and stay organized with your pipette management.


Contact Us for Your Laboratory Equipment Solution

Managing the logistics of your pipette service program can be challenging. It takes time and resources to gather your pipettes, label batches, fill out paperwork, and perform the multitude of tasks to prepare for pipette servicing – most of which is often done at the last minute.

Is this a battle you want to fight regularly? Do you need a partner you can trust to alleviate this headache for you? Transcat is here to provide you the solutions you can rely on, so you can focus on what’s most important to you. We provide pipette calibration, repair, training, and management services in Asheville, Raleigh, Wilmington, and everywhere in between.

or give us a call at 1-800-242-6022 for additional information.