Transcat Calibration Lab in San Diego, CA

ISO accredited pipette calibration, industry-leading service turnaround times, and expert repair services available in the Southern California region with our San Diego, CA calibration lab. With over 30 years of experience, our team delivers the accuracy and dependability your laboratory operations require.

Pipette Calibration Services in Southern California

The San Diego Transcat lab offers industry-leading, ISO accredited pipette calibration services to customers around the Southern California region, serving the local pharmaceutical, biomedical, and other life science markets. Take advantage of our superior service turnaround times by scheduling and sending in your pipettes for calibration or repair to our team of expert technicians - or have us come to you with our on-site calibration capabilities.

Transcat San Diego in lab calibrationTranscat San Diego in lab calibration

In Lab Calibration

At Transcat, we provide extensive pipette calibration, repair, and maintenance services to satisfy GMP/GLP, CAP, CLIA, FDA, and basic compliance needs with a variety of unique service levels. For the most accurate, standards-based pipette calibration, contact our team to pre-schedule your pipette calibration with us.

On-Site Calibration

Transcat offers you the most reliable and flexible accredited pipette calibration services in the industry. In addition to our industry-leading, pre-scheduled 24-hour turnaround for your in-lab pipette calibrations, we now offer calibration services at your facility.

Transcat Calibration Services

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Calibration Services Built Around You

In addition to our in-lab calibration services, we also offer flexible, on-site pipette and liquid handling calibration services for your pipettes. With our on-site pipette calibration services, you can schedule your instrument calibration and our expert technicians dispatch to your facility to service your pipettes. This allows you to minimize downtime and disruption to your lab operations, while still receiving industry-leading pipette calibration services.

Pipettes services built around you.Pipettes services built around you.
Accurate In-Lab and On-Site Pipette Calibration and Laboratory ServicesAccurate In-Lab and On-Site Pipette Calibration and Laboratory Services

Accurate In-Lab and On-Site Pipette Calibration and Laboratory Services

Our San Diego lab delivers service flexibility with multiple levels of calibration for single channel pipettes and multichannel pipettes, with validation services available for motorized pipette controllers. Whether you operate within an academic or emerging laboratory, or within an accredited laboratory such as a hospital lab, pharmaceutical or biotechnological lab, or another laboratory required to follow strict quality standards by a governing body, our highly trained technicians can help you choose the calibration program applicable to your needs.


Utilized by many hospital labs, clinical labs to meet their requirements from CLIA and/or CAPP

  • Accredited to ISO:17025

  • Certificate with 4 As Found, 4 As Left Data

  • Cleaning and PM Service Included


Utilized by many GLP/GMP Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Laboratories under regular FDA audit

  • Accredited to ISO:17025

  • Certificate with 4 As Found, 10 As Left Data

  • Cleaning and PM Service Included


Utilized by many ISO Accredited  and Quality Control Laboratories. Meets all ISO:8655 requirements.

  • Accredited to ISO:17025, follows ISO:8655

  • Certificate with 10 As Found, 10 As Left Data

  • Cleaning and PM Service Included

Why Choose Transcat San Diego Lab

When it comes to choosing a pipette calibration and repair service provider, Transcat offers a clear alternative. Unlike other providers, Transcat calibration service meets both ISO 17025 accreditation and ISO 8655 calibration standard - far more important for pipettes. And we back that up with a full 12 month guarantee on parts and workmanship: the industry’s longest.

Round Out Your Pipette Success with Our Additional Value-Added Solutions

Pipette Repair Services

At no additional labor charge, Transcat's pipette service provides comprehensive in-house repair for all major pipette brands, including the use of OEM replacement parts.

Pre-Calibrated Pipettes

Regulated and Accredited Laboratories require their pipettes to be calibrated prior to use. Why not combine the purchase of your new pipettes with the initial calibration? Save time and money while reducing risk and pre-calibrate your next pipette purchase.

Training Services

New Hires? Did you know that most pipetting errors are due to the user? We partner with you to ensure your workforce proves their pipette technique proficiency, and provide you tools to enforce your pipette procedures.

We Rent Equipment

Transcat offers a fast and cost-effective way to get the equipment you need. Our trusted rental services provide pre-calibrated, ready-to-use equipment delivered to you in a flexible way that meets your needs.

Become Audit-Ready with ISO Accredited Pipette Management Services

With our experience providing pipette calibration services to the life sciences industry, we understand the impact that out-of-service equipment can have to your labs. Operational downtime and lost efficiency can strain your performance, not to mention the additional burden of managing your calibration service program.

Our on-site pipette management program delivers the comprehensive solution your team needs with the precision your operations require. An account manager will work with your team to coordinate the logistics, reporting, communication, and on-site service management to enable your staff to focus on other priorities.

Speak with our team about managing your pipette calibration program today! >>

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I calibrate my pipette?

Calibration frequency or service interval may best be determined by considering the cost of pipette errors to a lab.  If you are a cGMP/GLP critical lab, your pipetting error costs may be thousands of dollars in quality impact assessment costs, plus the costs in repeat assay reagents, consumables, and wages. If you are a diagnostic lab, your cost of pipette failure may also include limited patient test sample. R&D labs may incur lower costs for pipetting errors but may see diminished repeatability and extended development costs.  A good rule of thumb is to choose a valid calibration company that complies with testing standards and includes preventative maintenance. After that, you may wish to have your pipette performance tested every 6 months, especially if you use your pipettes daily.

Which calibration level is right for my pipette?

Transcat offers 5 service levels to accommodate a variety of calibration requirements, from ISO accredited calibrations to the simple needs of a basic academic research laboratory. To evaluate which is right for your lab, you can start with a quick review of the certificate to ensure it contains the information you need.

Does Transcat service all brands and models?

Transcat has been servicing all pipette brands and models since 1989, including: single channel, multichannel, motorized, positive displacement models, repeat dispensers, controllers, digital burettes, dilutors and syringes.

Does calibration service include repair?

A Transcat calibration service includes extensive preventative maintenance, refurbishing and repair, as needed. Outside of the replacement parts costs, there are no additional costs for most repairs.  On occasion, it will be necessary to send your pipette to the manufacturer for warranty service or extended repair; we will take care of this process for you.  Since there is a cost for us to manage this service option, your approval is first requested.  95% of pipette repairs are accomplished during service with no labor costs added.