Let Us Manage Your Pipette Program

On-Site Management Service

At your request, and with your direct approval and oversight, Transcat will train a site manager to operate right from your facility.

This on-site manager is perfectly positioned to manage the control, communication and logistics necessary for your pipette calibration program. Our customers tell us that our on-site managers enhance the efficiencies, processes and technical resources available to their pipette users and their managers.

The net result: you and your staff have more time to focus on your other important work.

Benefits of a Fully Managed Program

When you choose Transcat for pipette calibration services and sign up for our on-site calibration management, you get the valuable features and benefits of a fully managed program, including:


  • Calibration notifications, reminders, scheduling, pickup and return of all your pipettes, as they are due, including post-service updates regarding any extended pipette services or repairs, and more
  • Electronic tracking, protective packaging and transport of your pipettes to our laboratory and back
  • Identification and control of all your pipette assets, whether currently in our calibration program or not, with automatic removal of your retired and out-of-service pipettes, and automatic addition of new pipettes into the management system
  • Availability of comprehensive pipette training and demonstration sessions for your lab personnel, designed to help pipette users maintain proper skills and techniques, thereby improving their measurement performance



  • Availability to address any concerns from your lab, QC or metrology personnel regarding pipettes and pipette calibration services
  • Demonstrations and consultations for users to help them maximize their pipetting performance, and make the best possible pipette choices for specific applications and processes
  • Assistance in managing future purchases
  • Minimizing the number of pipettes overdue for calibration service
  • Minimizing the number of pipettes that fail or fall out of tolerances (OOTs) by helping to determine optimum pipette calibration intervals and appropriate tolerances
  • Reducing OOT costs by participating in the relevant investigative/impact processes
  • Managing review and transfer of calibration certificate data into the asset control database

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