In Depth Audits Ensuring Consistent Measurement

Audit Ready

Many laboratories in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and clinical testing industries have legitimate and vital concerns about their laboratories’ quality compliance and verification of methodology to the scientific standards. Most of these labs seek certification or accreditation to a quality standard by an assessment auditor. This verifies the quality, integrity and efficacy of their products or testing services.


That’s why Transcat’ ISO 8655 compliant pipette calibration service programs provide the most reliable calibration data available. In addition to meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements of the FDA, CLIA and CAP, our service is both comprehensive and convenient. We provide a detailed, 10-point preventative maintenance service on every pipette we calibrate, and then complete services with a rapid, next-day turnaround, including certificates, all at no extra charge.

With Transcat on your team, your pipettes are always assured accurate, reliable and fully certified as calibrated and in compliance with metrology standards. This compliance is provided from our accreditation and compliance to the following standards: ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ANSI Z540, ISO 8655, ASTM E1154 and USP41.

But Transcat does so much more than satisfy or exceed industry standards.


17025 Accredited Quality System

Our commitment to our clients’ performance, service satisfaction, competitive pricing, and consistently delivering great value starts – of course – with our strict adherence to the pipette calibration industry’s highest measurement standards of ISO 8655 and ASTM E1154, and continues with our unwavering commitment to maintaining a stringent quality assurance program validated standard operating procedures and our commitment to continuous improvement. Find out more here.


Annual Audits

Each year Transcat participates in and hosts many site audits by clients, potential clients and industry auditing bodies. During these audits, a thorough assessment is made of our facility, our environmentally controlled laboratory, and our process and quality management system. Our objective is to not just maintain compliance with industry standards, but to continuously improve services and workmanship; to identify and meet the changing requirements of our industry; and to maintain our leadership position in the laboratory community. Our auditors are our drivers of excellence, so your pipette performance is always accurate.

CAPA System

As part of our improvement process, we maintain a very effective Corrective and Preventative Action System (CAPA) for managing our process conformance and to identify improvement opportunities. In addition, we utilize this system to learn from and respond very quickly to any customer complaints and/or requests, service changes, or anything else that could potentially limit our ability to meet our higher standards of calibration, maintenance, repair and management services.

All things considered, when you work with us, you are protected in significant ways. We stand ready to assist you not only with managing your regulatory pipette services, but also with audit-ready calibration certifications and our unique audit-survival program.

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