Our Word is Our Bond

Our Promise

Although driven by a vision of excellence and a passion for measurement accuracy and repeatability, Transcat also understands the importance of productivity and workflow. Our service programs are therefore designed with the flexibility to accommodate just about any custom service requirements, requests or schedules. We are here to meet your needs.

Every one of our talented employees is committed to the needs of our clients, big or small. In addition, we are willing to draft, train and implement special and customized procedures to meet the pipette service program needs of any laboratory or scientific organization that trusts us with their pipettes.

That’s why when you select Transcat as your pipette calibration provider, we will ensure that you receive our very best standards-based pipette calibration services every time, fully compliant with your program requirements as well as with industry standards.



Our 12-Month, Industry-Leading Accuracy Warranty

We’re so confident in the quality of our calibration, repair and preventative maintenance services, we provide a full 1-year warranty on workmanship and parts, for every pipette we calibrate. That’s double the pipette calibration industry standard! Learn more.



Free Pre-Scheduled 24-Hour Turnaround

Our signature pre-scheduled 24-hour turnaround service (after receipt) guarantees that every pipette not only receives the highest quality service available anywhere, but also leaves our facility in less than a day. Read More.



Our Commitment to Accreditation and Compliance

Transcat is committed to providing the most accurate and reliable pipette calibration service available. Our accreditation to ISO 17025 and ANSI Z540.3 since 2007 represents our commitment to laboratory quality, and to our clients’ pipette performance. Our validated compliance to the more-important-to-pipette-calibration ISO 8655 standard, ASTM E1154 and USP41 standards, controls and procedures ensures that, year after year, our clients receive the very best pipette calibration service, verified and documented in our detailed calibration certificates. Learn more.

Bullet Proof at Audit Time

With over 50 years of combined laboratory experience, our management team understands not only the concerns and objectives of laboratory auditors, but the value these auditors provide, both of which keep us heavily focused and fully compliant.

For our pipette calibration customers, we provide unconditional audit support before, during or even after an audit, so your pipette measurements remain traceable to the NIST and calibrated to your program requirements. We have all your calibration service data and certificates, available when you need them. Learn more.



We are Pipette Independent

Although we service all pipette brands and models, Transcat is entirely independent from all pipette manufacturers. When your pipette becomes broken or worn, we will repair it. If a repair is not feasible or economically sensible, we’ll provide you with replacement choices to consider that fit your comfort, price and performance needs. In the same situation, manufacturers’ service centers naturally offer only their own brand. This is another service advantage and another of our promises to you. Learn more.


Additional TTE pipette calibration service advantages:

  • Our technicians complete a thorough training program in pipette calibration, repair and maintenance procedures for all brands.
  • TTE Laboratories stocks over 1000 OEM replacement parts and uses ONLY OEM or validated, TTE performance-tested, high quality replacement parts, as per our client’s requirements.
  • We source parts carefully, so you pay the least for the parts you need
  • We replace only the parts that are necessary.
  • We stand behind the parts we use with the longest warranty in the industry: a full year on parts and workmanship.

or give us a call at 1-800-242-6022 for additional information.