Secure Shipping and Tracking of Your Pipettes

Logistics and Tracking

As part of our pipette calibration management services, will maintain all your pipette service requirements and calibration orders, while securing pipette service worksheets and documents in our safe and secure data archives, as specified in ISO 17025.



But we go even further, providing local courier services for scheduled service pickups, with next-day shipping (as required), plus a comprehensive logistics support program for clients located outside our local courier service area.


At no extra cost, you get safe, secure shipping of your pipettes via insured, reliable carrier. We even provide complete shipping kits, which include customized pipette packing materials and shipping boxes, with a handy pipette service form.


As your pipettes arrive at our laboratory, they are logged into our calibration database. We automatically and continuously track each pipette’s:

  • user/owner institution
  • department
  • location
  • asset/ID markers
  • serial number
  • design tolerances
  • your selected calibration level


Our validated software tracking process monitors and reports on your pipettes as they advance through each step in our calibration service process. In fact, your entire pipette calibration service history is safely maintained, secured and available to you at any time.

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