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By visiting the pages within Pipettes University, we hope to help you learn more about the critical importance of pipetting accuracy and precision in the lab, as well as the standards that define these objectives. Here you can explore pipetting standards, best practices, required controls, useful experiences, industry news, product applications, and other information that should help you improve your productivity and reduce measurement errors.


ISO Standards

Among the most important standards are ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 8655, which each define separate aspects of a quality calibration. Read More.

Terms & Definitions

Definitions for the key terminology relating to pipettes and pipetting lab practices. Read More.

Control Your Pipetting Costs

Calibration alone is not enough to control the expense of your pipetting program over time. Read More.

Pipetting Best Practices

Training your team on recognized pipetting best practices is often a better investment than new equipment. Read More.


Metrology Driven Pipette Calibration

Our laboratory and process controls are designed to stabilize the principal factors that impact the accuracy, repeatability and measurement uncertainty of our gravimetric pipette calibrations, and therefore to provide optimal conditions for a metrology-driven pipette calibration using gravimetric analysis.



Transcat, Inc.

Pipettes.com is now a Transcat company. Through Transcat, we now offer a full suite of accredited calibration services through a North American network of labs, product sales and rentals, as well as compliance and laboratory instrument services.