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Certified Pipette Calibration Services in Pennsylvania

Every laboratory requires top-quality equipment to operate at its highest potential. Transcat helps labs in Pennsylvania in nearly every industry produce their best work with pipette calibration and repair services. From Pittsburgh and Philidelphia to Harrisburg, our accredited services provide laboratories a way to repair and maintain their equipment. Whether your lab works in bio-pharma, biotechnology, or pharmaceuticals, we can customize services to keep your lab running smoothly.


Pennsylvania Customers can Expect Excellence from Transcat:

  • Our 24-Hour Service Turnaround— We complete pipette calibrations 24 hours after receiving them.  We’ll ship them immediately after completion. We service every make and model.  By prescheduling with us, every calibraiton can be back to you in as little as 3 DAYS.
  • Premium Protective Packaging— Your essential instruments are protected and insured for transit.
  • A Simple Process— Call to schedule, open the box, read instructions, send us the instruments!
  • More from an Unbiased Provider— Transcat is a calibration company, not a manufacturer. We recommend the best name-brand pipettes and lab tools without bias.


Pipette Calibration Services in Pennsylvania

Pipette calibration can mean the difference between meaningful data and unusable error-prone instruments. With accreditation in ISO 17025, 8655 ANSI Z540, and ASTM E1154, Transcat provides world-class pipette calibration for labs in a wide variety of industries. We meet all qualifications to comply with ISO 8655 and ASTM E115 standards. We also regularly work with the top brands in pipettes including Rainin, Gilson, Eppendorf, Labsystems, Oxford Pipettes and more. All at exceptional pipette calibration prices.


Lab Equipment Repair Services in Pennsylvania

Precision and reliability are two of the most important factors in pipette repair. If a pipette is damaged or overly worn, it needs repair before calibration. Even with calibration, it will not achieve an appropriate level of accuracy if it is damaged. That’s why every pipette we receive is thoroughly assessed and repaired if necessary beforehand. Most repairs are complementary if they do not require replacement parts. Repair is an important part of a pipette maintenance service that ensures accuracy and reliability.


Pipette Inventory Management Services in Pennsylvania

Managing your pipette inventory can be time-consuming and difficult. With so many different models of pipettes and varying brands, it can be challenging to keep your inventory organized. The pipette management program at Transcat frees you from worrying about inventory and keeps you focused on your work. A pipette management specialist is assigned to your lab to work with you in creating orderly systems which include asset control, logistics, and communication.


Pipette Usage Training Services in Pennsylvania

Each pipette is only as good as its technician. To combat costly user errors, Transcat offers training for your team in best pipette practices and technique. The program was created after years of research, and it’s conveniently offered on-site or online. Training your employees in the correct techniques to improve performance will increase productivity and reduce costs.


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Transcat simplifies a complex process. We provide pipette calibration, repair, and training services to keep your instruments and technicians sharp. In Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and everywhere in between, the best labs in Pennsylvania turn to Transcat as their trusted partner.

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