Equipment Serviced

Calibration Services for
Your Pipette Equipment

We offer multiple levels of calibration for single and multichannel pipettes as well as a separate validation service for motorized pipette controllers. No matter what pipetting equipment your lab relies on, we can calibrate it to your compliance level.


Single Channel Pipettes

Single channel pipettes should be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure accurate liquid handling. Read More.

Multichannel Pipettes

Regular calibration of multichannel pipettes safeguards their performance and precision. Read More.

Electronic Pipettes

To maintain its accuracy and reliability, our lab can provide a program of electronic pipette calibrations. Read More.

Bottletop Dispensers

With proper bottletop dispenser calibration, you’ll be able to deliver liquids precisely. Read More.


Volumetric Pipette Calibration

YYou can reduce the potential for laboratory rework by scheduling volumetric pipette calibrations. We calibrate volumetric pipettes designed for accurate solution measurement.



Micropipette Calibration Service

Micropipettes are vulnerable to wear over time, which means they need regular calibrations. A micropipette calibration can identify if the dispensed amounts are not within the instrument’s volume specifications, requiring an adjustment or repair.