Brand Independence Makes Us Unique

Independent Calibration

Pipette manufacturers who offer calibration services are working both sides of the street.

Sure, they’re willing to calibrate your pipettes. But they also operate under strong (and quite understandable) incentives to sell pipettes and replacement parts. Naturally biased in their own favor, their support for other pipette brands, or for high quality replacement parts other than their own, simply does not measure up.


Given the choice, is a pipette manufacturer’s calibration service biased toward repairing a defective pipette or replacing it with a new one? And if “repair” is the customer’s preference, does the service provider support the installation of validated-quality parts that are priced significantly less than its own name-brand equivalents?


If you know the industry, you know the answers.

As an independent pipette calibration company, Transcat is the service provider you can totally trust. We are the industry’s “go-to” specialists, beholden to no pipette manufacturer or large corporation, no brand-names, and no sales-oriented policy restrictions.



Pipette Sales and Calibration Is Our Only Business


At Transcat, pipette calibration is our business, our only business. We have chosen to focus 100% on our clients’ pipettes. As a result, we’re a highly specialized firm with a single agenda: providing unsurpassed pipette calibration and related services to our customers.


You will find that we pride ourselves on the standards we comply with and the accuracy of our pipette calibrations. We are interested in nurturing long-term partnerships with our customers and to the best of our ability will exercise the flexibility necessary to meet your individual needs.

TTE Labs is independently owned and operated


Save on Repairs with Cost-Effective Parts and Procedures

All pipettes are mechanical devices that require regular calibration, maintenance and repair. But as we can show, normal wear and tear need not cost you an arm and leg.

At Transcat, we’re experts in knowing how to maintain and repair pipettes as cost-effectively as possible. We provide :

  • Comprehensive preventative maintenance for every pipette
  • Extensive repair services when needed
  • Large inventory of replacement parts
  • Industries longest warranty

or give us a call at 1-800-242-6022 for additional information.