Pipette Calibration Labs

Nationwide Services with Quality You Can Trust

Transcat is committed to delivering high-quality and value-driven pipette calibration and repair services to laboratories nationwide. Regardless of your lab’s size, location, or industry, we offer in-lab or on-site services with unmatched turnaround times for pre-scheduled services.

Milford, MA Calibration Lab

The Milford Transcat Pipettes lab offers 24-hour turnaround times, White Glove Services, and local courier pick-up and delivery for customers around the Greater Boston area. Take advantage of our 24-hour turnaround time by scheduling a pick-up with our local courier service or have us come to you with our on-site calibration capabilities.

Milford, MA Transcat LabMilford, MA Transcat Lab
Transcat San Diego Calibration LabTranscat San Diego Calibration Lab

San Diego, CA Calibration Lab

The San Diego Transcat lab offers expert pipette calibration services to customers around the West Coast, serving the local pharmaceutical, biomedical, and other life science markets. Take advantage of our superior service turnaround times by pre-scheduling and sending in your pipettes for calibration or repair technicians - or schedule on-site services with our trained technicians.

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Pipette Calibration Services from TranscatPipette Calibration Services from Transcat

Pipette Calibration Services

To ensure that your pipettes are always accurate, our expert technicians are equipped to deliver pipette calibration services that are fully accredited for and compliant with all pipette calibration standards, including ISO/IEC 17025:2005, 8655 ANSI Z540, ISO 8655 and ASTM E115

Lab Equipment Maintenance from TranscatLab Equipment Maintenance from Transcat

Lab Equipment Repair Services

Regular wear and tear on pipettes can affect their performance over time and can lead to inaccurate readings. Our pipette repair services restore your damaged or worn pipettes, increasing their lifespan and reducing the number of pipettes you throw away.

Inventory management from TranscatInventory management from Transcat

Pipette Inventory Management

Managing a large inventory of pipettes is time consuming and can be overwhelming. Our pipette inventory management services pairs you with a dedicated expert to streamline your inventory management to help you optimize, organize, and maintain your pipettes inventory.

Rental Equipment from TranscatRental Equipment from Transcat

Laboratory Equipment Rentals

Transcat offers a fast and cost-effective way to get the equipment you need. Our trusted rental services provide pre-calibrated, ready-to-use equipment delivered directly to you. Our team of lab equipment experts can assist you through the rental process to select what best suits your needs.

for in-lab or on-site pipette calibration services.