Trust the Pipette Calibration Experts

Our Expertise

The accuracy and reproducibility of your scientific work depends very directly on the accuracy of your pipettes. That’s why it’s important you trust your pipettes to qualified calibration service experts like the staff at Transcat.

Why Trust Transcat?

Transcat Pipettes was founded by former molecular research and clinical scientists. Their passion for measurement accuracy and precision is metrology-driven and predicated on supporting good science with accurate tools and sound scientific protocols. “It’s in our DNA”. We believe that great scientific discoveries shouldn’t be impeded by poor measurements; they should be enhanced by accuracy and repeatability. We’re not so much a business that provides a service, but more of a high-quality service that happens to be organized into a business.

Most pipette calibration technicians at Transcat have advanced science degrees. The average calibration experience of the pipette calibration technicians at Transcat is more than 7 years. This large pool of experience, knowledge and expertise ensures that our clients receive the highest quality calibration service in the industry.


Our staff must complete an extensive calibration training program, including service-support training from some of the top pipette manufacturers before they ever work on our customers’ pipettes. Every pipette calibration technician begins with a three to six-month service training program, depending on their background and pipette experience. Technicians also receive extensive pipette repair training to ensure their competence at even the most difficult repair procedures. This detailed training allows us to remedy pipette issues effectively and efficiently, so service turnaround times are minimized. To maintain their competency status, our calibration technicians must also pass a demanding series of annual proficiency tests.

Transcat is the authorized U.S. service center for several leading pipette manufacturers and distributors.

If you are as passionate about your science as we are, partner with Transcat and give your science the full support it deserves. Why risk your pipette accuracy and reliability to anything less than the best?

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