BrandTech BVC 20727303

Control G fluid aspiration system, 2 liter vessel, 120V US plug
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BVC Control Fluid Aspiration System with 2 liter Borosillicate glass (G) collection flask

The NEW BVC family of fluid aspiration systems deliver compact and quiet solutions for cell culture work. They provide the flexibility to accommodate your decontamination protocol whether you autoclave or disinfect in the bottle. The BVC family of fluid aspiration systems are designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the modern cell culture laboratory. They are quiet and compact, and provide flexibility to accommodate your decontamination protocol.

The BVC Control features a powerful, whisper-quiet VACUUBRAND®chemistry-design vacuum pump, eliminating the need for central vacuum supply; potentially Biohazardous materials can be contained in a local area. The pump is turned on and off automatically on demand when using the VacuuHandControl which further reduces the noise level. An easy-to-clean touch panel adjusts and indicates the vacuum level switch point. This provides exactly the aspiration power you need ,when you need it. Available with either a 4 liter polypropylene, or 2 liter disinfectant-resistant "G" version with glass bottle.

Ready for use - supplied with a 0.2µm protection filter and VHCpro hand controller w/2m tubing

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Model Name BrandTech BVC 20727303
Price $2,370.00
Manufacturer BrandTech Scientific
Manufacturer ID 20727303
Brand BrandTech Scientific