BrandTech Scientific 703970

Pipette Leak Testing Unit, with universal power supply
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The most frequent cause of inaccuracy in piston-operated pipettes is leakage. This arises from damage either to the seals, pistons, or tip cones. Often not detectable by the naked eye, leaks lead to significant volume errors. The BRAND PLT Pipette Leak Tester (patent pending) detects even the smallest leaks in air displacement pipettes within seconds.

Product Features:

  • Test with or without tips
  • Quantifiable results with pass/fail criteria for each pipette size
  • Results in seconds

While the PLT unit cannot replace regular gravimetric testing, daily pipette checks can provide a safeguard during the periods between calibrations. Even the smallest leaks are detected and quantified! The time between calibrations is crucial, since leaks can occur at any time. Well over 80% of pipettes sent in for repair have leaks and are outside their volume tolerances, even if they do not drip. Process reliability for the pipettes is thus significantly improved.

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Name BrandTech Scientific 703970
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Manufacturer BrandTech Scientific
Manufacturer ID 703970
Brand BrandTech Scientific