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BrandTech Positive Displacement Transferpettor™ Tips, 200-1000uL, Reusable, pk/10

Transferpettor tips (200-1000uL) pack of 10

The Transferpett or™ positive displacement pipette is the best tool for use with liquids that render traditional air-displacement pipettes ineffective. Unlike air displacement pipettes, the piston of the Transferpett or directly expels the media from the tip, wiping the tip walls completely clean. This results in negligible residual wetting and highly accurate, reproducible results, especially with viscous, foaming, high-vapor-pressure, and other "problematic" liquids.

Excellent for a Wide Range of Applications: The Transferpett or is an excellent tool for applications in wastewater treatment plants, biochemical, genetics and molecular biology laboratories, wineries, breweries, refineries, and more.

Dispense Concentrated Protein Solutions, Oils, Fats, Resins, and More: The Transferpett or is designed for use with viscous solutions up to 20,000cSt (mm2/s) and high density media (up to 13.6g/cm3) such as concentrated protein solutions, oils, fats, resins, and glycerin. Use the Transferpett or to accurately pipette surfactants such as Tween® 20, Mucasol® as well as high-vapor-pressure media (up to 500mbar), including alcohols, acetone, and hydrocarbons.

Reduces Sample Costs, Because residual wetting is negligible, the Transferpett or reduces lab costs by eliminating the need to discard tips after each use.

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Model Name BrandTech 702854
Price $29.40
Manufacturer BrandTech Scientific
Manufacturer ID 702854
Brand BrandTech Scientific
Low - Retention No
Pipette Tip Type Non Sterile
Pipette Tip Volumes 50 - 1000 uL
Pipette Tip Packaging Box