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With more than 25 years of pipette measurement service experience, TTE Laboratories provides an extensive pipette calibration, repair an preventative maintenance service to satisfy GMP/GLP, CAP, CLIA and FDA compliance needs, as well as the basic needs of any R&D or  academic lab. After viewing our video to the right, you will see how our  ISO 8655 compliant pipette calibration program provides the quality and expertise scientists require, with a fast, next-day turnaround, all to minimize your measurement errors and downtime. By combining the convenience of a typical on-site provider with the experience, processes, and training of pipette manufacturers, TTE Laboratories is able to deliver the most reliable and accurate calibrations, quickly and conveniently. For detailed information, visit

TTE Laboratories’ environmentally-controlled facilities and the state-of-the-art equipment maintain testing conditions that deliver precise measurements time after time. TTE Laboratories supports the ongoing operations of many of the world’s leading academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical labs and ensures their pipettes perform according to specifications.


Pipette Calibration, Repair and Preventative Maintenance(PM)

TTE Laboratories, Inc

(ISO17025:2005 and ANSI/NCSL Z540-3-2006 Accredited Pipette Calibration)

"An Audit-Ready Calibration Program You Can Rely On"


Since metrology is defined as the science of measurement, we believe the only valid calibration processes are those that incorporate industry-accepted standards and principles into the process.  Furthermore, not all pipette services follow this belief and will disguise this shortcoming  with onsite convenience and low, low pricing.  Since pipette accuracy requires strict controls and cannot be confirmed by eye, many scientists are unaware of the risks they are exposed to with substandard services.

At TTE Laboratories, our scientific staff maintains an ISO 17025-accredited measurement laboratory and quality system. There, compliance to the piston pipette calibration standard, ISO 8655, is our focus. Much of our technical staff at TTE Laboratories have an advanced  degree and collectively average over 7 years of lab experience and training  with piston pipettes and dispensers. We believe competent measurement quality starts with a competent staff and our scientific clients are the beneficiaries.  A TTE Laboratories pipette calibration service will provide the most detailed, most complete, metrology-driven, pipette calibration services available. As the most widely accepted standard for piston pipette measurements, anything less than ISO 8655-compliance is substandard and unsupported, leaving scientists at risk for costly measurement inaccuracies. Unlike freezers and timers, non-compliant pipette calibration services can have a costly affect on scientific repeatability...much greater than you think.  


At TTE Laboratories, our doors are open to the scientific community we service. We invite all prospective TTE clients to call and schedule a visit  to our Hopkinton, MA laboratory and review our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited calibration and quality system first-hand. You will find that we provide calibration traceable to the N.I.S.T. standard and an audit-ready certification progam to support even the most stringent cGMP/GLP critical quality systems.  Our certificates meet or exceed the regulatory requirements of the FDA, ISO, USP41, CLIA and CAP. Accredited by APLAC(ILCA) MRA signatory, PJLA, Inc., TTE Laboratories is an accredited calibration reconized by A2LA, NVLP, ACLASS,  L-A-B.

What does all this mean? With TTE Laboratories, your pipettes will be returned in tolerance, completely refurbished and performing like new. Your certificate is  traceable to the N.I.S.T.standard   In  addition,  each reported measurement is accompanied by a properly calculated measurement uncertainty value (mu). This qualifies each measurement by accounting for all the variables that could result in a undetected deviation from the actual measurement. Without this value, N.I.S.T. traceability cannot be achieved and the measurement is invalid.  Avoid the risks of substandard service providers and choose the metrology-based calibration service of TTE Laboratories.


Other ISO-accredited pipette service providers may take a week or two to certify your pipette. TTE Laboratories provides next-day return service on all prescheduled calibration and only 2 or 3 business if you ship them in without notice. That's correct!  With proper scheduling, your pipettes will be calibrated at TTE Laboratories and returned within 24 hours. We are proud to complement our ISO accredited pipette calibration services with our signature NEXT DAY turnaround, standard for all prescheduled calibration services with TTE Laboratories. So don't settle for substandard onsite services and don't wait days or weeks for compliance quality. Go with a proven leader. Choose TTE Laboratories and get audit-ready  calibration quality with a fast turn-around.

How is TTE Laboratories able to provide compliance quality and quick turn-around?

Our calibration schedule is tightly controlled to optimize service quality and turn around. By scheduling your shipment or pickup of chemistry lab supplies with TTE, your pipettes will be recieved, logged in, cleaned, repaired, refurbished and calibrated, then return shipped or delivered within 24 hrs. With an extensive parts inventory and expert repair services, we  maintain a98.5% ontime turn around rating, including those pipettes recieved broken or dysfunctional . For those under warranty or requiring OEM repair, we'll send your pipette directly to the manufacturer for warranty service, so you won't have to. Costs are controlled at TTE Laboratories because there are no service labor rates or additionalcharges on most repairs. Take advantage of our service reminders program to assist in maintaining your pipette calibration, preventative maintenance and regulatory compliance schedule. Please call 800-242-6022 and move up to a metrology-based TTE Laboratories pipette calibration service.



Calibration Service Options:

Calibration OptionsSingle Channel Pipettes (ea)Multi–Channel Pipettes (ea) *MC StdBottle Top Dispensers (ea)
ISO–Accredited $55.00 $95.00 $85.00
Level 4 $39.50 $69.50 $59.50
Level 3 $37.50 $67.50 $57.50
Level 2 $35.50 $65.50 $55.50
Level 1 $29.50 $59.50 $49.50
Click the calibation level above to see our sample certificate
Multichannel Pipette Calibration Options:
*MC Standard– (Pricing Above) Our standard multichannel service begins with an inter-channel leak test (preliminary verification of function) designed to provide visual confirmation that each channel is performing properly and are functionally equivalent to one another. Once this is confirmed, final measurement data is reported from a single random channel, which is identified on the certificate. A comprehensive preventative maintenance and most repairs are included with every service. Parts are extra.
MC Plus – $15 per 'As Found' test volume, additional $15 per 'As Left' test volumeMC Plus calibration combines all aspects of our MC Standard calibration, PLUS a single measurement from every channel at 1, 2 or 3 test volumes.
MC Premium – (Pricing Provided Upon Request) Our most complete multichannel calibration service, MC Premium provides measurement data from every channel according to your selection of the MC Standard options above. This level of service meets regulatory compliance requirements. A comprehensive preventative maintenance and most repairs are included with every service. Parts are extra.
Additional Options:  
Motorized Pipette Controller Refurbishment Service $37.00 each
Local Pickup/Return $12 per round trip

Outside Local Pickup/Return Area and Nationwide Insured Shipping Options:  

(UPS GROUND service, 2nd DAY, or NEXT DAY Return Service)

Shipping charges apply.

* Valid client shipper accounts accepted                                  

Additional DNA Decontamination Procedure $10.00 ea (SC)
$20.00 ea (MC)
e–certificates $2 per certificate
Management Reports Available Upon Request
OEM Repairs $25.00 for 1st pipette per batch / $10 for each additional


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