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The Importance of Proper Pipette Repair

Proper pipette repair service must include established, model-specific components, maintenance, and repair processes in order to ensure valid compliance to tolerances, as well as maintaining measurement performance between service intervals. With our team of trained technicians and former biology scientists, we have over 50 years of pipette expertise and metrology experience contributing to the proper servicing of your pipettes. At Transcat, we routinely provide comprehensive preventative maintenance on every pipette we receive and are capable of correctly repairing 99 percent of pipettes that are received broken, malfunctioning or are merely performing out of tolerance, without delay.


Our staff believes that most pipettes can be repaired for less than the cost of a replacement pipette. Even if this is not the case, we have pipette replacement programs with many of the top pipette brands, at low market pricing, so your pipette purchase is TTE certified before you get it, with minimal downtime. Of course, choosing Transcat for pipette calibration and repair service includes our ISO 17025 accredited calibration, based on the only industry-supported calibration standards and requirements found in ISO 8655 and ASTM E1154, so each of our 5 calibration options includes metrology-based, standards, quality, repair, and preventative maintenance. An industry leader of pipette service, Transcat relies on its highly-trained, skilled service technicians to perform repairs correctly, according to written procedures, for all pipette brands and models. And, because all Transcat repair services are performed “in-house” in our own laboratory, for almost all calibrations, we are well-equipped to deliver our signature next-day turnaround, even when repairs are required. Now that is convenience. With hundreds of OEM replacement parts in stock and fully housed with the right tools, Transcat will ensure that your pipette repair is completed properly, without delay.


Since volumetric piston pipettes are relied on daily to deliver maximum accuracy and precision, they will require regular calibration, preventative maintenance and, at times, repair. Skimping on poor quality for any of these requirements puts your pipette accuracy and precision at risk for performing poorly, out of tolerance, and creating costly pipette errors. Proper and valid pipette service is critical to identify performance issues before they occur. A pipette that is broken or not functioning properly will likely produce measurements that deviate beyond the manufacturer’s tolerance range. Having your pipettes repaired, with broken parts replaced right away, is equally critical for producing good science.

At Transcat, every pipette repair starts with a detailed preventative maintenance. This includes disassembling the pipette so that it may be cleaned inside and out, polishing and re-lubricating all pistons, and refurbishing and replacing parts as needed, so that the pipette performs like new. Preventative maintenance and proper repair reduce the downstream risk of pipetting error and measurement deviations. Transcat Pipette technicians are trained to provide repair and preventative maintenance services with every pipette calibration. As a result, your pipette will be fully functioning, accurate, and precise.


In time, pipettes become obsolete, even unsupported by their manufacturer. In the event that an obsolete pipette can no longer be maintained properly required measurement tolerances, Transcat Laboratories will offer customers a selection of new pipette replacement models, each priced at market lows levels, calibrated, and delivered with little or no delay.

At Transcat, we believe measurement standardization, regulatory compliance, and the demand for quality should not be devoid of service detail or be cost-prohibitive. Transcat provides the most reliable industry-leading, expert pipette repairs, as a regular part of our calibration services, so you don’t have to.

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