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Pipette Calibration Services:

In the wake of the recession, many academic, biotech, and pharmaceutical labs have been forced to take costs into consideration in order to remain nimble in today’s economy.  For these companies, which rely on ISO-accredited pipette calibration & metrology repair services to conduct research in their laboratories, traveling pipette service providers may seem a suitable, cost-effective solution to pipette calibration services. However, we ask: At what expense?

“Oh, you still do that?” a prospective client was recently asked by a colleague, unaware that any alternative to traveling pipette service providers even existed.  Too often, companies sacrifice quality and the assurance of a metrology-based service for the lower price and convenience of having a service provider come to the lab. But a substandard service program can result in imprecise measurements, higher uncertainty, development inconsistencies with delays and reagent cost increases, not to mention compliance concerns down the road.


For the convenience of a typical on-site provider, combined with the experience, processes, and training at or above the pipette manufacturers, consider a metrology-based pipette calibration service provider like Transcat. Need more convincing?  Here are 3 reasons why such a service could mean the difference between precise measurement data and an FDA headache:


Quality – While you may save yourself a few bucks with a traveling pipette service provider, keep in mind you get what you pay for. A pipette failure may cost hundreds or even thousands in reagent, sample, labor, or labware costs. With state-of-the-art facilities equipped with laboratory environmental controls (temp., humidity, vibration, static, measurement uncertainty (mu)) as well as a fully trained calibration staff, companies like Transcat are well worth the extra investment. The less expensive calibration fees associated with an on-site provider may seem enticing, but lower fees almost always result in lower quality and higher risk. Preventative maintenance should be part of every pipette calibration service, as proper parts and test balances are critical to the process. Service companies that have a long history will help ensure proper methods are used.


Convenience – With standard next-day turnaround on pipette calibration, repair and pm services, Transcat offers the convenience its customers value. Our onsite calibration management program assigns a representative to manage each calibration program, ensuring the proper care and dedication to each customer’s needs.  Calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair services are provided with every service, making pipette calibration services outside of the office much more thorough, but just as easy as an in-house service.


Compliance – For large biotechnology companies such as Genzyme, meeting FDA requirements requires having scientifically determined test conditions, methods, and standards in place for pipette calibration. But ISO and FDA compliance should be standard for any company conducting research, big or small, especially as regulatory auditors increasingly key into the methodology and standards of calibration service providers. With ISO17025 & ANSI Z540.3 accreditation, 22 years of experience and compliance to the regulatory standards of ISO, ASTM, ANSI, NCSL, NIST, FDA, USP, cGMP, cGLP, CLIA and CAP, Transcat’s audit-ready pipette services can are a vital component to an organization’s survival and success.


Quality, Convenience, Compliance. These are 3 qualities a calibration company must have, and 3 qualities a company like Transcat provides. With 5 levels of service, price discounts, 1000+ parts in stock, a stable measurement environment, and a dedicated staff with more than two decades’ worth of experience, we can make manage your company’s pipette calibration program safely and reliably.  After all, a successful calibration means a successful company.

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