Refurbish or Replace with Us

Pipette Repair, Refurbishing & Replacement

At Transcat, we put every pipette we receive for calibration through a detailed assessment and refurbishing procedure, to ensure that your pipette will be accurate long after our calibration service and all the way through to the next service cycle.

Once the As-Found data is taken, our process includes a thorough cleaning of each pipette, both inside and out. We not only remove the surface dirt, we disassemble the unit, and refurbish and replace any parts, as necessary. We then clean, polish and re-lubricate the critical components. Cleaned and refurbished pipettes are finally reassembled and tested for proper functionality prior to taking As-Left calibration data.

Our standard is simple: we return your pipettes to you looking, feeling, and performing “like new.”

Pipette Replacement Program

Although Transcat supplies some of the best pipettes available and works hard to keep them in “like new” condition, all pipettes eventually wear out, break, become too expensive to repair, or simply age into obsolescence. For all these reasons, pipette replacement is an ongoing and important concern that can be very disruptive to laboratory productivity and success.

But not with us. We make pipette replacement just as easy for you as our pipette calibration and repair service, with a comprehensive pipette replacement program that includes:

  • Access to the latest and most common pipette brands and models
  • Discounted prices on pipette replacements
  • Replacement of pipette during service, so pipettes are available to users immediately
  • Pipette replacement insurance (where available)
  • Transcat certification of calibration for each new replacement pipette

For more details on our replacement pipette program, call Transcat at 855-434-2008 or contact us at (Note: Not all pipette makes and models are available within this program. Nevertheless, we can satisfy nearly any laboratory requirements.)

When you rely on us, we make replacement of your tired pipettes easy and fast, minimizing your downtime. That’s another part of the Transcat promise.

or give us a call at 1-800-242-6022 for additional information.