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Time, Timer, & Stopwatch Instrument Calibration Services

To maintain precision in measuring time intervals, our team provides nationwide on-site calibration services for your timer and stopwatch equipment. This service includes calibrating various timing devices by taking multiple measurements against the Vibrograf* Timometer 4500, a highly accurate time standard that utilizes oscillating crystal technology and an acoustic pickup.

The Vibrograf device is equipped with three sensor microphones for unmatched acoustical pick up and to test all frequencies. Documentation is provided for both “as found” and “as left” data sets, the standard that is used during the calibration process, tolerance of the devices under test (DUT), and environmental conditions. A calibration label is also affixed to the instrument.

Calibration service includes an option for battery replacement when requested. Each instrument is individually calibrated against equipment whose calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


On-Site Centrifuge Calibration

On-site calibration services are also available for centrifuge calibration. Maintaining accurate calibration of your centrifuge will ensure accurate speed and time performance, directly impacting the quality of your samples. Our services deliver complete, fully compliant services for all your centrifuge calibration and certification needs. Each instrument is calibrated to RPM, temperature, and time, all traceable to SI units through NIST.

We partner with your team to help you mitigate risk, improve accuracy, and ensure success. Contact us today to discuss your on-site time, timer, stopwatch, and centrifuge instrument calibration service needs.


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