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At TTE we are continually expanding our services and maintaining our commitment to the evolving scientific industry. We offer a full selection of pipette measurement services, including ISO 8655-compliant pipette calibration, from our state-of-the-art testing lab in Hopkinton, MA.

Several pipette calibration service options are available. Whatever you require, our quality, service and price add up to the best pipette calibration value available.

On arrival, all pipettes are inspected, repaired, and calibrated in our facility which conforms to the same high standards as used by their manufacturers. Controlled conditions and adherence to S.O.P.s by highly trained technicians insures the reliability and performance of your pipettes.



What is included?

Our pipette calibration services include everything necessary to satisfy the requirements of ISO 8655 or other regulatory standards. Our multi-step pipette calibration services cover:

  1. Inspection: Internal and external on arrival
  2. Turn around in 24 hours on all prescheduled pick ups and shipments
  3. Preventative MaintenancService: Cleaning, repairs and adjustments
  4. Maintenance / Repairs: Seals, shafts and pistons replaced as needed
  5. Quality Assurance: Leak tested before retuned, visual ID check
  6. Documentation: Calibration certificate and label
  7. Reminder Notice: Choose from annual, 6, 4,or 3 month service intervals

Additional Features:

  1. e–certificates: have your certs emailed to you.
  2. Additional DNA decontamination

Pipette Repairs

During every calibration service, pipettes are dissassembled, cleaned and repaired as necessary, with parts replaced as needed. We understand the importance of having your pipettes and chemistry lab supplies cleaned and calibrated properly to abide by industry standards. TTE's calibration price includes all labor. Replacement part costs are extra. TTE has an inventory of over 400 Manufacturer's parts to minimize potential delays in returning your pipettes. On occasion it may be necessary for TTE to send your pipette to the manufacturer for extensive repairs and warranty service. Your approval is requested prior to any OEM services.

Quality Standards

TTE complies with strict GMP/GLP laboratory practices and ISO 17025(05)E standards. TTE also follows NCCLS testing guidelines in our environment controlled laboratory on NIST traceable equipment including 6–place Precision Balances

Calibration labels include

Calibration Label example

Company name, pipette serial number, date calibrated, next due date (as defined by you), id and calibration technician's initials.




 How can I get my pipettes calibrated?

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