Pipette Questions and Answers

Here are some answers to your questions about TTE's products and services. If you have any additional questions that are not answered on the help page, please email a TTE Tech or call 1–800–242 6022


Which are the best pipettes?
Pipettes vary in design, performance, linearity, ergonomics and durability. The most well made pipettes are often the highest priced. The best value may be attained by combining the pipette tolerance, price and durability. At  pipettes.com, you will find almost every brand or model of pipettes and various types of chemistry lab supplies. Surely, we have one to fit your needs. The best pipette for you depends on your application. Call one of our technical representatives at 800 242 6022 to help you match your application with your pipette preferences.

What type of product warranty is offered?
All pipettes.com products come with the manufacturer's warranty, supported  and managed by TTE Laboratories, our ISO accredited pipette calibration company.  You don't have to look far to notice our service history and expertise is one good reason many buy their pipette products, lab consumables and benchtop equipment  from www.pipettes.com,  where we can support our products with years of laboratory product service and sales experience.   In addition, we will manage all manufacturers' warranty services on the products we distribute. so you don't have to.

Can I get discount pricing from pipettes.com?
Absolutely. In fact, all our prices are discounted. At pipettes.com, we list the manufacturers' list price and our discounted price, so you know what you are saving before you buy. Furthermore, we offer a 110% pricing guarantee that will ensure to you that you are buying what you want, at the lowest price. Find it cheaper somewhere else? We've got your back.

Also, members of TTE's Calibration Customer Rewards Program receive a ten (10%) percent discount on TTE's published prices for all products listed on pipettes.com. Minimum calibration services area required to maintain membership in the Calibration Customer Rewards Program. See TTE's Terms and Conditions here.

How do I select the correct tip for my pipette?
Pipettes and tips are not all the same. In fact, even universal tips do not fit every pipette made. Since the correct fit of tip to pipette is critical to obtaining published accuracy and performance, you must consider both when purchasing either. If you are uncertain which tip to select, call one of our technical representatives at 800 242 6022. We can help you match your pipette to your current tip inventory or vice versa. We'll also give you our lowest tip pricing for your standing order.

Does TTE take trade-ins?
pipettes.com is an online distributor for many pipette manufacturers that promote trade-in programs. Each program is unique to the manufacturer and can be accessed via pipettes.com customer representatives. If interested in saving even more, call a customer service representative at 800 242 6022 to find out if a trade-in program is available for your favorite brand.

Will my pipettes purchased from pipettes.com be N.I.S.T. traceable?
Every pipette we sell is packaged by its manufacuturer with a calibration document, provided by the manufacturer. Many of these pipettes are manufactured outside of the U.S. and removed from access to the N.I.S.T. standards. However, since we have the support of our own ISO accredited pipette service company, we offer a N.I.S.T. traceable calibration service at a 50% discount for all newly purchase pipettes from pipettes.com. This means your pipette is delivered fully compliant and traceable to the N.I.S.T. standard.

How do I place an order with pipettes.com?
Placing an order with pipettes.com is quick and easy. New customers can set up a new account and complete a purchase in just a few minutes. If you wish to use your purchase order, please call us after your account is set up and we'll get you set up for terms and allow you to enter your purchase orders online. If you wish to simply fax or email your order, we can process your order for you and send you your account information via email.  Once your account is set up, you'll then be able you to shop the thousands and thousands of product discounts on pipettes, lab consumables and benchtop equipment whenever and whereever you like. With your pipettes.com account, you can obtain a history of orders and  items you've purchased, receive updates, events, promotions and  special offers about new products and services.


TTE Laboratories is an ISO 17025 accredited pipette calibration company with over 22 years of pipette service experience. As such, we are best able to support our online pipette sales at www.pipettes.com with the expertise and knowledge that buyers prefer and trust.

How often should I calibrate my pipette?
Calibration frequency or service interval may best be determined by considering the cost of pipette errors to a lab.  If you are a cGMP/GLP critical lab, your pipetting error costs may be thousands of dollars in quality impact assessment costs, plus the costs in repeat assay reagents, consumables and wages. If you are a diagnostic lab, your cost of pipette failure may also include limited patient test sample. R&D labs may incur lower costs for pipetting errors, but may see diminished repeatability and extended development costs.  A good rule of thumb is to choose a valid calibration company that complies with testing standards and includes preventative maintenance. After that, you may wish to have your pipette performance tested every 6 months, especially if you use your pipettes daily.

Which calibration level is right for my pipette?
TTE Laboratories offers no less than 5 service levels to accommodate a variety of calibration requriments, from ISO accredited calibrations to the simple needs of a basic academic research laboratory. To evaluate which is right for your lab, you can start with a quick review of the certificate, to ensure it contains the information you need. This link, Calibration Service Options will direct you to our service options pricing grid. Click on the service level to review the sample certificates. Also, be sure to review our service comparison chart, also available at www.pipettes.com

Does TTE service all brands and models?
TTE has been servicing all pipette brands and models since 1989, including: single channel, multichannel, motorized,  positive displacement models, repeat dispensers, controllers, digital burettes, dilutors and syringes. 

Does calibration service include repair?
All TTE's calibration service includes a extensive preventative maintenance, refurbishing and repair, as needed. Outside of the replacment parts costs, there are no additional costs for most repairs.  On occasion, it will be necessary  to send your pipette to the manufacturer for warranty service or extended repair. No worries! We will take care Since there is a cost fo to manage this service option, your approval is first requested.

Do I repair or replace my pipette?
For less than the cost of a new one, broken pipettes can generally be repaired and recalibrated. TTE assesses the damage for each pipette and if the cost is greater than half that of a new pipette, then we will call you to discuss your options. In additon, many of our pipette suppliers offer pipette trade-in promotions for special discounts on specific models. We pass these on to our service customers when a complete replacement is indicated.  

What if my broken pipette is still under warranty?
TTE has developed a great service relationship with almost every pipette manufacturer. If necessary we can make arrangements for manufacturer warranty service on your products.

How do I get my pipettes calibrated by TTE Laboratories?
Since  metrology-based calibration services require compliance to recognized standards, we calibrate pipettes in our environmentally controlled test laboratory, located in Hopkinton, MA. Locally, we have a courier service to accommodate our local clients with a next-day turn around at no additional charge. For laboratories outside of our pickup area, you can package your pipettes and ship to TTE Laboratories via insured carrier. With advance notice, we will provide you with the same next-day turn around service, by completing the calibration and shipping back your pipettes the day after they are recieved.