Eppendorf 0030089421

Combitips advanced, Quality, 0.5 mL, violet, 100 pcs.
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Eppendorf Combitip Advanced®, Eppendorf Quality™, 0.5 mL, violet, 100 pcs. (4 bags x 25 tips)

The Eppendorf Combitips advanced have been completely redesigned and optimized to meet all the needs of any modern laboratory. The Combitips advanced also function according to the positive displacement principle, thus they always dispense the correct volume independently of the density of the liquid and its flow characteristics (e.g. increased vapor pressure or increased viscosity). Working with radioactive or toxic materials also becomes safer due to the hermetically sealed piston preventing aerosol contamination. Combitips advanced are the ideal system components for all Eppendorf Repeaters

Features include:

  • The 9 volume sizes (0.1 mL-50 mL) offer a maximum range of dispensing volumes with increments as low as 100 nanoliters depending on the Combitips used
  • Elongated Combitips in volumes 2.5 mL, 5.0 mL and 10 mL make it possible to reach the bottom of the most common laboratory vessels
  • High-precision dispensing regardless of the physical properties of the liquid (e.g., viscosity, volatility, density, temperature)
  • Prevents aerosol contamination with hermetically sealed piston for secure dispensing
  • Provides protection from radioactive and toxic substances
  • The unique funnel geometry ensures comfortable handling while preventing damage to gloves.
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Name Eppendorf 0030089421
Price $134.00
Manufacturer Eppendorf
Manufacturer ID 0030089421
Brand Eppendorf
Pipette Tip Volumes 0.5 mL