Sartorius LH-747041 Picus 2 Electronic pipette, 1 channel, 5-120uL

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Product Highlights

Picus 2 pipettes offer reliable performance while being kind to your hand. This electronic single channel pipette is one of the most user-friendly and simple (yet advanced) pipettes on the market. This sophisticated pipette is the ideal tool for daily repetitive liquid handling in laboratories, where accuracy, speed, and ergonomics are all important. Fully electronic design and control allows more consistent, reliable, and reproducible results.

Achieve reliable results

Many laboratories require the pipetting of very small amounts of liquid (e.g., a few microliters) exactly and repeatedly. The single-channel Picus 2 Electronic Pipette will ensure high accuracy and repeatability for every user. The precise electronic pipetting system of Picus 2 pipettes enable accurate and precise pipetting results, further reducing variance between users.

Be kind to your hand

The single-channel Picus 2 Electronic Pipette offers truly effortless pipetting thanks to the uniquely light weight (only 100 grams) and fully electronic experience, including tip ejection. Comfortable handle design and finger hook let the Picus 2 pipette rest lightly in your hand. The conveniently located soft-touch operating button and electronic tip ejection reduce muscle strain.

Connect for the future

Picus 2 Electronic Pipettes are ready to be connected! The Sartorius pipetting mobile app is your handy companion for sample preparation workflows and pipette management. To stay up to date, use the Pipetting app to update your Picus 2 pipettes with the latest features. Open connectivity enables you to integrate Picus 2 into of an existing system

Comfortable to use

The single-channel Picus 2 Electronic Pipette is accoladed for its superior ergonomic design. With comfort and ease-of-use in mind, it is one of the most user-friendly pipettes. Sartorius has specifically designed this pipette to reduce strain towards user. With today's demanding workloads, this is more important than ever._

Product Highlights

  • 5ul - 120ul
  • Single Channel
  • Device/Instrument Compatibility: Universal Design, Optifit, Safetyspace
  • Achieve highly reproducible, reliable results
  • Ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling
  • Use with Sartorius Pipetting app for sample preparation protocols
  • Reduced variance compared to more traditional pipettes _
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Length: 214 mm


  • Cell Culture
  • Cell Line Development
  • Clinical
  • DNA Extraction
  • Mycoplasma
  • Preparation of Reagents
  • Protein
  • Research
  • Spheroid Cell Health
More Information
NameSartorius LH-747041 Picus 2 Electronic pipette, 1 channel, 5-120uL
ManufacturerSartorius (Biohit)
Model NamePicus 2
Manufacturer IDLH-747041
Pipette Volume Size5 - 120 uL
Volume TypeAdjustable Volume