Sartorius Picus NxT Adjustable Volume, 12 Channel, Motorized, Pipette, 50 -1200 uL

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Product Highlights

Sartorius Picus® NxT Electronic 12-Channel Pipette, 50 – 1200 µL

Picus® NxT has the same qualities as Picus®, and has added features for increased efficiency and safety, as well as an added 3-point certification making it suitable for strictly regulated laboratories.


The Picus® NxT has a unique lightweight and streamlined design for an effortless pipetting experience. The comfortable design of the handle and finger hook enable Picus® NxT to rest lightly in your hand, with minimal effort. The conveniently located soft-touch operating button and electronic tip ejector help minimize muscle strain during continued work.

Reliable Results

The electronic piston control and brake systems on the Picus® NxT guarantee accurate and precise pipetting results, independent of the user. Built-in error control allows the Picus® NxT to further regulate accuracy and precision. A unique Tracker functionality also increases reliability in microwell plate dispensing, by guiding pipetting steps

Technical Features

  • Includes certificate of accredited 3-point calibration (ISO 17025 and ISO 8655) from Sartorius
  • Single-channel models cover a volume range of 0.2 µl – 10,000 µl, and multichannel models a range of 0.2 µl – 1,200 µl
  • 9 pipetting modes and 7 additional modes (including diluting, titrating, and serial dispensing)
  • Advanced password protection for settings and pipetting protocol memory, programmable maintenance and calibration reminders
  • Safe-Cone Filters reduce the risk of contamination cost-effectively
  • Autoclavable lower parts (excl. 1200 µl models)
  • Charging with charging stand or micro USB cable (can continue working while connected to cable)
  • Li-Polymer battery enables charging in approx. 1 hour
More Information
Name Sartorius Picus NxT Adjustable Volume, 12 Channel, Motorized, Pipette, 50 -1200 uL
SKU SRLH-745491
Manufacturer Sartorius (Biohit)
Model Name Picus® NxT
Manufacturer ID LH-745491
Brand Sartorius
Number of Channels 12 Channel
Pipette Volume Size 50 -1200 uL
Volume Type Adjustable Volume